GFS is an all volunteer organization, and every dollar we raise goes to stopping gas storage on Seneca Lake. In 2015, we incurred expenses around $100,000 for expert reports from geologists, hydro geologists, economists, safety experts, noise experts, and community character expert for the Issues Conference.

Our legal team at Earthjustice has told us that depending on what the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) decides, we may need upwards of $130,000 for the ensuing litigation, and so we have been in serious fundraising mode since July. We hope that the expert reports (and the legal briefs that were based on them) are persuasive enough that we are granted Full Party Status on at least a few of the issues we raised. That will entail paying those same experts from around the country to travel here and testify and that will be costly.  Of course it’s difficult to predict what the ALJ will do.

We also have expenses related to our ongoing public awareness campaign. Recently, Crestwood’s PR machine has really ramped things up. We’d like to spend a modest amount on continuing to educate the public by running more PSA’s and ads.

As far as where things stand, we are playing the waiting game. Whatever the ALJ decides will determine whether we gear up for full adjudication or whether we are forced to file an Article 78 lawsuit.

As we move into 2016, look for exciting news about Gas Free Seneca’s alignment with an internationally recognized organization. At some point the LPG storage and transport project will be decided, and our plan is to roll any monies we have left over into our affiliation with this group. Seneca Lake has many threats beyond gas storage; the Seneca Meadows landfill, aging municipal sewage treatment plants, and alarmingly high levels of phosphorous and e coli bacteria in major tributaries. Of course the salinity of the lake is, and has been, a serious issue.

Bottom line: We continue to do our very best to keep Seneca Gas Free, and are looking into the future with eyes wide open to all of the threats to our beautiful lake with the intent to branch out and do more to keep Seneca protected for generations to come.

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