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GFS is an all volunteer organization, and every dollar we raise goes to stopping gas storage on Seneca Lake.

After an extremely long delay, the Administrative Law Judge who presided over the Issues Conference on gas storage has finally issued a ruling on the matter.  The ALJ was not ruling to approve a permit for LPG storage.  This ruling is part of a lengthy legal process.  It is not the final decision, and is not the last step in this process.  The judge simply ruled that none of the issues we raised during the Issues Conference 2 and 1/2 years ago require a lengthy hearing.  All of the substantive information we presented at the conference has now been entered into the record for the DEC Commissioner’s review.

In the two and a half years since the Issues Conference, Gas Free Seneca has continued to work diligently both publicly and behind the scenes to strengthen our opposition and bolster our position for this potential outcome.  We have many arrows in our quiver. 

Now we must rely on all of you, the fine members of our Finger Lakes Community, to come together stronger than ever to make this final push to victory a success.  We will press on through the legal and political arenas to leave no stone unturned and ultimately prevail, provided we have your support. 

We ask that you please donate whatever you can to help us put the final nail in the coffin of this ill-conceived plan.

You can donate with a credit card via PayPal



Or make checks payable to:  “Gas Free Seneca”  and mail to:

Gas Free Seneca
PO Box 333
Watkins Glen NY 14891


Thank you!

Yvonne Taylor

Co-Founder and Vice President, Gas Free Seneca



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