Al Jazeera America examines the  gas storage issue on Seneca Lake.


To watch Seneca in the Balance via the web,


Press Conference – Wineries call on Governor Cuomo to deny Seneca gas storage plans

Inergy protest in Watkins Glen, NY, August 17, 2012

September 27th DEC Public Comment Period

“Drilling Activity at Inergy Facility, August 24, 2011”


“Wine, not Brine” May 17-18, 2011


Seneca at a Crossroads April 14, 2011

For the full conference video go to Shaleshock Media.

In this video, William R. Moler,Former Senior Vice President, Natural Gas Mid Stream Operations says the following:

“This thing is getting tangled-up with the whole Marcellus drilling debate… this has nothing to do with Marcellus drilling”

Photo of Flare Stacks

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