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Leaks and spill continue to grow and by far the most pipeline leaks have been from oil/ liquids (e.g. propane)  PDF


Letter from Gas Free Seneca Business Coalition to Seneca Falls town board, April 2016  PDF


Peter Mantius – Recent DC Bureau Articles on Proposed LPG Facility

Article 1

Article 2

DEC positive declaration (scroll to Schuyler County)


Inergy/Crestwood Website

Salt Cavern Storage Risks

Salt Storage Requirements in the Seneca Lake Region: A scoping study by John K. Warren

Warren, J.K. Evaporites Ch.13- Solution Mining and Salt Cavern Usage- Storage cavern problems (pp 1091-1151, 2015 in press)

Salt Cavern Storage Risks (PDF)

9,100 Acres Condemned Due to Salt Cavern Leakage

Citizen Efforts Against Salt Cavern Storage

Spectra Energy Watch

Save Lake Piegneur

Our Friends to the North


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Natural Gas Drilling in the Marcellus Shale: Potential Impacts on the Tourism Economy of the Southern Tier (PDF)

Crooked Lake Keeper Special edition April 2011


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