September 4, 2015 letter Ted Marks to Gas Free Seneca


On Fri, Sep 4, 2015 at 2:22 PM, Ted Marks <ted@emailaddressredacted> wrote:

Thanks you Yvonne for taking the time to answer this.

I feel the “We Are Seneca Lake Group” is doing very serious PR damage to your efforts and those of the Group that Tina and the other wineries are  involved in.

Damage that has to be publicly addressed.  If both of you are against them continuing , then you have no choice but to get that info out to the public.  How?  news releases and ads probably, maybe speakers, but little time left for that.  I can assure you that the PR damage and expense to the County that these continued blockages are totally causing is undermining any of your efforts to get your message across, albeit how good and sincere your efforts are.

I know that I am not alone in wanting to make sure this project be done in a safe and controlled manner, if it must be;  but the PR that the negative blockages are causing makes many of us unwilling to be “connected” to your cause.  Again you must, in my opinion, figure out how to separate your actions from theirs.

I do care and am concerned, but I feel the only way to make progress with Chesapeake is negotiating, not confrontation.  (and I certainly don’t feel they are any better at negotiating either).


Ted Marks